Who we regulate

Effective and proportionate response to the identified non-compliance.

Proportionate enforcement action and seeking compensation for investors where appropriate.

Promote educational resources and messages to help investors make better investment decisions.

Creating safer and more transparent financial markets so that investors can better select and use the right financial products

We will now focus on positively influencing the behavior of all investors in the following areas

Who we regulate

Businesses, professionals and markets regulated by MFA.ORG.UK

Entities that we regulate through direct licensing or authorization, and those that are licensed or registered by other agencies, may be subject to elements of the law. We also have an interest in other products and markets not directly within our competence but related to financial markets.

Mfa.org.uk has an important oversight role, it does not manage the operations of institutions or pension plans. Supervision approach is risk-based to reflect the nature, size, complexity and risk profile of an institution. Financial institutions must be allowed to take reasonable risks and compete effectively both at home and abroad, while at the same time safeguard the interests of depositors, policyholders, beneficiaries and pension plan members. MFA goal is to balance competitiveness with financial stability, and international standards.


Talk to us at the design stage to determine if your idea is a product or service that we are arranging.

A primary obligation to ensure that all advertisements and promotional materials are not false or misleading.

Flexible enough to accommodate new and innovative products and services.

To understand your product or service

Provide information anonymously, however, this may limit our ability to investigate your complaint.